Error: System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out

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Data collection for a Managed Object for auditing EMC Isilon completed with the following error:
“Cannot read check audit settings: The operation has timed out”
Note: This will not affect data collection functionality but the product will not be able to verify audit on your cluster.

You are using Apache HTTP Server version: 2.2.30 and below.

This issue can be resolved in multiple ways.

Resolution #1. Install .Net Framework 4.5.

  1. On the computer where Netwrix Auditor Administrator Console is installed, navigate to %Netwrix Auditor installation folder%File Servers Auditing and create the new configuration file named netwrix.fsa.collector.exe.config.
  2. Add the following text to this file:
<?xml version=1.0?>
  <supportedRuntime version=v4.0 sku=.NETFramework,Version=v4.5/>

Resolution #2. Upgrade your cluster to version.

Resolution #3. Specify your ServerName for the Virtual Host that hosts port 8080 using Template.

  1. On your cluster, navigate to /etc/mcp/templates and locate the webui_httpd.conf. file.
  2. Edit this file using SSH connection on any cluster node:
<VirtualHost _default_:$$WEBUI_PORT$$>
SSLEngine on
SSLProxyEngine on
DocumentRoot “/usr/local/www/static”
    ServerName isi000.rplab.local
 Where ServerName must be replaced with your cluster name.
Resolution #4. Specify an IP address of your cluster instead of FQDN when editing a Managed Object.
  1. In Netwrix Auditor Administrator Console, navigate to Managed Objects -> <Your File Server Managed Object name> -> Items.
  2. Select the required EMC Isilon cluster and click Edit.
  3. On the Configure EMC Isilon Auditing step, enter an IP address instead of FQDN. Click OK to save changes.
Note: IP addresses are assigned automatically to cluster nodes, so you may need to modify your Managed Object again.
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