ERROR Report processing has been canceled by the user

Last review: Jan 01, 2013
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Advanced reports for wide date ranges are generated slowly and at the end they return one of these errors:
Cannot read the next data row for the Dataset DS.
The remote server returned the error: (500) Internal Server Error.
Report processing has been canceled by the user.

Too much audit data in the report.

To solve the issue, perform one of the following:
  • Restart the “SQL Server (Instance name)” windows service.
  • Decrease the Event Log Manager database size by excluding unnecessary types of events from being imported into the database (use the audit archive filters).
  • Disable the report generating timeout by following these steps:
Open the ReportManager URL and click Site Settings link in the top-right corner.
In the left hand panel, click the General tab.
Specify the following settings:
  • Limit the copies of report history: 5 
  • Do not timeout report
Click Apply to save changes.
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