Errors for root DCs in reports for a child domain

Active Directory
6.5 and older
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You have Netwrix Auditor configured to monitor a child domain and you keep receiving reports with root DCs errors.

Even if you are monitoring a child domain, Netwrix Auditor tries to connect to the domain controllers from the root domain in order to collect information on changes to the Schema and Configuration partitions since this information is only stored in the root domain. If the data collecting account does not have enough permissions to access root DC, you can get various root DC errors in the Summary Reports.

Perform the following steps to omit root DC errors:

  1. In Netwrix Auditor, navigate to Managed Objects –> <your_Managed_Object_name> –> Active Directory.
  2. In the pane at the right, click the Configure button next to Advanced Options and deselect the Configuration and Schema options.
  3. Open the Registry Editor(Start -> Run and type “regedit”) and navigate to the Active Directory Change Reporter node:
    • 32-bit OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE ->NetWrix ->AD Change Reporter
    • 64-bit OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE ->Wow6432Node->NetWrix ->AD Change Reporter
  4. Set the IgnoreRootDCErrors key to 1.
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