Error: “Access Denied -2147024891” in the Help-Desk portal

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When browsing to the Helpdesk portal, the “Access Denied  -2147024891” error is displayed.

This error can occur if the Help-Desk portal is installed on a machine separate from the NetWrix Account Lockout Examiner server. In this case credentials are passed from the web-portal to the core service over the network and connection gets refused, because the machine, where Help-Desk portal is installed, is not trusted to use services on other machines.

In this case, you have to trust the Web-server`s computer account for delegation to enable passing credentials from the client (web browser) to the ALE server through the Help-Desk portal (web browser->portal->ALE server).

  1. Run Active Directroy Users and Computers
  2. Locate the account of the machine, where Help-Desk portal is installed
  3. Right click it and select Properties
  4. On the Delegation tab set “Trust this computer for delegation to any services (Kerberos only)” radio button.
  5. Apply settings

Note: A reboot of the Web-server might be needed

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