Netwrix Auditor System Health Log – event ID 1021

Last review: May 05, 2015
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Netwrix Auditor System Health Log contains the following EventID: 1021

Subscriptions have been sent with the following warnings: <warning>

This is due to one of the following reasons:

  • The SQL Server or the Report Server is inaccessible
  • Invalid SMTP settings have been specified in Netwrix Auditor
  • The SMTP server is inaccessible

Do one of the following depending on the reason:

  • Check that the SQL Server and the Report Server are reachable.
  • Check SMTP settings in Netwrix Auditor. Do the following for Netwrix Auditor 8.5 and below:
    • In Netwrix Auditor Administrator Console, navigate to Managed Objects –> <Managed Object name> –> SharePoint. Click Configure Delivery, select each address, click Edit and then Verify to send test messages and make sure that the email settings have been configured correctly.
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