Your Subscription Plan for Netwrix Auditor has Expired

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When attempting to upgrade Netwrix Auditor with valid support and maintenance on at least one application you receive an error that your subscription plan for Netwrix Auditor has expired.

Note: This tool is only applicable in versions 9.0-9.8. With the release of 9.9 a built-in feature under Settings>License that will allow you to purge an expired license.

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Netwrix Auditor applications with Perpetual Licenses which have expired maintenance are not eligible for upgrade. However, if you have one or more perpetual licensed Netwrix Auditor applications with valid support and maintenance you are entitled to upgrade those.

In order to upgrade the product, licenses which are not eligible for upgrade must be removed with the NetwrixAuditor_LicenseCleanupTool attached to this KB article.

Please run the attached tool from an elevated command prompt with the -a flag as shown in the following screenshot:
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Note: For Netwrix Auditor applications that have Perpetual licenses with expired maintenance, you may only use those licenses on a separate installation of the product on a version which you are entitled to.

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